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Calling All Writers!

One of our favorite features of our new and improved website is our blog — the perfect place for us to share information on important topics without the space limitations of social media. Of course, we realize that throughout our community, there are a wide variety of views on these subjects — and we want to hear them! If you are passionate about issues related to domestic and sexual violence (or gender equality, or how “media hurts”), we would love to host you as a guest blogger on our website.

If you are interested — or know anyone who might be — please submit all entries to Our guidelines for submissions are below:

  • Topic can vary, but should in some way relate to Blackburn Center’s mission.

  • While we are interested in hearing a variety of views on these subjects, we will not post content that is fundamentally in opposition to our understanding of gender violence.

  • Photos related to the content of the submission are welcome as well, but please only submit a photograph that you took personally and which you are willing to allow us to utilize without compensation.

  • Please also feel free to use hyperlinks, particularly to provide references for any information you are sharing. We particularly ask that you provide links to credible citations for any particular figures or statistics that you cite in your submission.

  • We ask that you please submit original content that has not been published elsewhere, and that you do not publish the content elsewhere after it is posted.

  • Please include a two or three line biographical statement to run at the end of the piece.

  • We reserve the right to edit guest posts for content and clarity.

  • Please note that we will include the following disclaimer at the end of all guest posts: “Please note that the views expressed by guest bloggers represent their own personal views, and not necessarily those of Blackburn Center.”

  • We will notify you in advance of whether we will be able to run the submission and, if so, when; we’d ask you to please help promote the post via FaceBook, twitter, email, or whatever other means available to you

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any compensation for guest submissions at this time.

Learn More:

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