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Blackburn Center Legal is a legal assistance program in Westmoreland County offered by Blackburn Center.  This program provides civil legal services to victims of crime for issues that are related to victimization they have experienced, providing them with essential services that will benefit them in the aftermath of a crime.  Victims face many barriers on their journey to healing and recovery from trauma.  Beyond the physical and emotional wounds, victims must also deal with practical realities:  safety planning, custody of children, and financial stability are prime examples of the challenges victims must address and conquer.  This program seeks to address these realities, support a victim’s recovery from trauma, and restore safety and autonomy for clients. 


The goal of this project is to provide civil legal services (such as divorce, support, custody, an PFAs) in Westmoreland County to victims of any type of crime.  The services are offered to clients to address issues that are directly related to their victimization.  This project is designed to provide essential services that are trauma-informed, are holistic in their response to the complexity of civil legal issues that victims of crime face, and that address limited financial resources and other barriers to civil legal services for victims. 


These services initiate through Blackburn Center’s counseling and advocacy services.  If you are in need of civil legal assistance, please contact Blackburn Center’s main office at 724-837-9540 or the hotline at 1-888-832-2272.

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