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Blackburn Center responds to the issues of violence or crime. All client services are confidential, offered at no cost, and are available to women, children and men. We offer services to people throughout Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.



To reach a counselor any time of the day or night, call 1-888-832-2272.

The 24-hour hotline provides crisis counseling to victims of domestic and sexual violence, and all other types of violence and crime. The hotline can be the first contact victims have with an organization dedicated to their safety and healing. The hotline is available to anyone who needs help: victims, their families and friends, and professionals who seek information about how they might better meet the needs of their clients. Our counselors have received training in the dynamics of abuse and violence and understand the complex issues involved. All of our services are trauma-informed, which emphasizes the emotional, psychological and physical safety of our clients.


Emergency Shelter
Temporary emergency shelter is available to victims of intimate partner violence and their children. The shelter provides a safe, comfortable haven where a victim can plan for her future. Residents may stay up to 30 days in a six-month period.


Counseling and Therapy
Blackburn Center provides in-person crisis counseling to victims of violence or crime. In addition, therapy services are offered by appointment. 


Support Groups
Blackburn Center's staff facilitates weekly support groups for victims of violence or crime to explore their strengths, resources and options. Group participants may include:

            •   Adult victims of domestic violence

            •   Children of victims of domestic violence

            •   Adults sexually abused as children

            •   Victims and survivors of any type of violence and crime

            •   Significant others of victims of any type of crime or violence

            •   Incarcerated victims of violence and crime


Medical Advocacy/Accompaniment
Medical advocates meet victims of violence or crime at medical facilities in Westmoreland County in order to provide support during medical examinations and information about available options and resources.  Medical advocacy services are available 24/7.  
Legal System Support
Legal advocates accompany victims of violence or crime and their significant others during PFA hearings, Magisterial District Justice hearings, and trials, and provide support, encouragement, and information about available options and resources.

Blackburn Center Legal

Blackburn Center offers civil legal services for victims of crime for issues that are related to victimization they have experienced representation in matters such as divorce, support, custody, public benefits, immigration, bankruptcy, or Protection from Abuse petitions.  These services initiate through Blackburn Center’s counseling and advocacy services. 


All services are available for women, children, and men, and are provided free of charge. 


Learn About Types of Abuse:

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault

Children and Abuse

Teen Issues

Elder Abuse

LGBTQ Issues


Sexual Harrasment



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