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Volunteers began Blackburn Center, and volunteers continue to be a vital part of our work. Volunteers can come from any segment of the community...they do not need to have a background in social work or counseling. They may be teachers, business professionals, nurses, students, homemakers, or retirees. They are all people who care deeply about making a difference in their community.


Volunteer Opportunities


If you would like to be a Blackburn Center volunteer, we have many opportunities available to help.  Our volunteers provide many hours of service annually, doing tasks such as:

  • Answering hotline calls

  • Distributing literature at health fairs

  • Working with children at our emergency shelter

  • Educating the community through our speakers’ bureau

  • Helping with administrative tasks


Our comprehensive training program —required for all volunteers who work with clients— focuses on the development of active listening and empowerment counseling skills and an understanding of the issues commonly faced by victims and those who care about them.


We strongly encourage men to volunteer with Blackburn Center.  We are especially eager to have men join us in our community education and outreach efforts to end gender violence.


Volunteer Process


  • Submit a volunteer application

  • Interview with the Education/Outreach Program Manager

  • Complete Crisis Intervention Counselor Training

    • This training is only required for those volunteers who work with Blackburn Center clients.

    • This training includes classroom instruction and skill development, evaluated role playing and a supervised hotline practicum.

    • Classes consist of thirteen sessions in Greensburg, at 3 hours/session, plus eleven reading packets.  Attendance is required for all classes.


For more information about becoming a Blackburn Center Volunteer, call our office: 724-837-9540, x114.  If you are having difficulties with the online application, please contact us or call our office directly to receive a paper application form.




For area college students, internship opportunities at Blackburn Center are available on a case-by-case basis.  Potential interns can apply to Blackburn Center using the volunteer application,  and will meet with the Education/Outreach Program Manager for an interview.  Please check with your university advisor for information on credits for our training program, and to register with your school as an intern. 



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