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At Blackburn Center, we understand that gender-based violence and other types of crime can affect victims and survivors in ways that go beyond the obvious. In addition to physical and emotional wounds, many victims and survivors must deal with practical realities, like divorce, child custody, and gaining financial security. 


BlackburnCenterLegal seeks to address these needs, with a goal of helping victims and survivors achieve stability and independence. We offer legal representation for victims and survivors of crime for issues in the civil legal system that are directly related to their victimization. Our services are provided free of charge for eligible clients.


We know that victims and survivors face many barriers on their journey to healing and recovery.  In some cases, this may include civil legal issues. If you are a victim or survivor, you may be eligible for civil legal assistance through our program.

a. Services We Offer

Services We Offer

BlackburnCenterLegal provides civil legal assistance for victims of crime. Our attorneys represent clients in matters that are directly related to their victimization.

b. Eligibility for Services

Eligibility for Services

All BlackburnCenterLegal services in the civil legal system are provided free of charge to eligible clients.

c. Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our legal team is dedicated to promoting safety and autonomy for victims of violence and crime in Westmoreland County.

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