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Walking A Mile, Think Greensburg Style

My name is Laura Fontana and I am a senior at SHU and the spring Greensburg Community Development Corporation intern. I want to share my adventure in downtown Greensburg before I graduate and leave for grad school.

It started on a Friday night supporting a friend who was given the opportunity to play the organ at the First Presbyterian Church on South Main Street. Seton Hill students performed organ music that filled this majestic space with sounds that was very pleasing. I found the stained glass windows of the church beautiful.

After the performance, my friends and I decided to celebrate by enjoying some delightful appetizers in Rialto’s outdoor patio. While a little chilly outside, I will remember the music and lights on the patio along with the conversation. Subsequently, we moved to Badges Bar & Grille (Greensburg’s college bar) to play pool and have some drinks. I love the ability to combine music, food, and drinks at different places, all within walking distance, which is one of the beauties of Downtown Greensburg.

The next day, I got up early to attended Blackburn Center’s event “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”, which was held in St. Clair Park. It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning. If you have not seen any photos of the event, hundreds of people came together to take a stand against all forms of gender violence. Representatives from the community, entire sport teams, and families were all rocking their three-inch shiny red heels. I wore my vintage white Reebok high-top tennis shoes.

After completing the mile walk on South Maple Ave., I overheard most of the sports players complaining about how painful it was to walk on heels. I told them they were lucky enough for being able to wear thick and unattractive socks, which prevented blisters on their heels and toes. This experience is real pain.

I will forever remember the people marching with banners containing slogans such as “support the women you love”. A little girl was holding the most heartwarming banner. It showed four upset Disney princesses, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine, with the phrase “Since when did he stop treating you like a princess?” The event pragmatically balanced a serious issue with that of humor; the image of men within the community tottering in red heels and fighting for a common cause. I am happy that I participated in the event.

After the march, my friends and I were looking forward to visiting the White Rabbit Café & Patisseries for refreshments and conversation about the morning. We ordered hot chocolates and Café au lait. The Café has some of the most savory pastries in Greensburg.

My Greensburg experience is coming to an end and soon I will be departing for grad school. My experience as an international student at Seton Hill has been both challenging in some aspects and rewarding in others. I am concluding my undergraduate career with many friends and academic knowledge and personal experiences that are overall beneficial. Greensburg’s friendly and welcoming spirit has made my journey delightful and enriched by remarkable Downtown adventures.


Laura Fontana is a senior at Seton Hill University, and she is graduating with a double major in Communication and Political Science and a minor in Spanish. She is currently interning for the Greensburg Community Development Corporation, where she had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. A native of Milan, Italy, she found Greensburg fascinating for its welcoming and friendly community spirit.

Please note that the views expressed by guest bloggers represent their own personal views, and not necessarily those of Blackburn Center.

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