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Baby, It’s Cold Outside?

In recent years, many have questioned whether one classic Christmas song — Baby, It’s Cold Outside — should be retired. With lyrics that suggest a drugged drink (“Say, what’s in this drink?”) and banter that could be read as coercion, it isn’t hard to see this song as problematic when viewed with a modern lens. Others defend the song as being a product of its time (1940s), a flirtatious song that is really about a woman who wants to be convinced to stay.

Last week, Funny or Die released an “honest” video of what they call the creepiest holiday song.This comedic take on the song makes a very valid point — and may finally be a way to end the debate over the appropriateness of this song.

What do you think? Should Baby, It’s Cold Outside be shelved in favor of less “creepy” songs? Or should we let this Christmas tune remain a classic, and enjoy it for what it is?

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