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We Give Thanks

Tomorrow, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which presents a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. At Blackburn Center, we face a challenging mission that requires a substantial amount of hard work and dedication. Each year, we provide victim services, community education, trainings and more to thousands of people throughout Westmoreland County. We continue to reach out to the community through new projects, and to broaden our vision to ensure that we are making an impact in the fight to end gender-based violence.

Through it all, we have been fortunate to have committed staff and a dedicated community of board members, volunteers, donors and others who help make all of this work possible. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we dedicate this blog post to all of those people who help Blackburn Center continue to be a vital part of Westmoreland County.

To our staff: We are so thankful for your tireless work to make our small corner of the world a better place. Whether you are providing counseling or therapy, staffing our emergency shelter, training volunteers, supporting victims in the legal or medical systems, educating thousands of school-age children, providing training to hundreds of professionals in the community, raising money, handling finances or administrative work or doing any of the other innumerable tasks that are required to keep Blackburn Center going, your passion and dedication makes all of the difference in moving our mission forward. Without you, we could not give hope and healing to so many women, children and men each year, or bring education and awareness to so many in the community. Thank you!

To our volunteers: Volunteers founded Blackburn Center, and you continue to be critical to our ability to offer services and spread awareness throughout Westmoreland County. You’re with us every day of the year: to hand out literature, staff events, answer calls on the 24 hour hotline, support our shelter program, serve on committees, and much more! Because of your tireless work on behalf of Blackburn Center, we have been able to help and reach many more people than we could have on our own. Thank you!

To our Board of Directors: You each bring expertise, experience, commitment, vision and enthusiasm to your role. Your willingness to give so freely of your time and energy allows us to continue our important work of providing services and ending violence in our community. Your dedication to our mission is unrivaled, and we are grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you!

To our donors: Throughout the year, you have contributed to Blackburn Center in a variety of ways, from monetary donations, to items for our emergency shelter, to in-kind donations for events such as Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. As individuals, community organizations, colleges and schools, religious congregations, businesses and foundations, you have permitted us to continue to offer services to thousands of women, children and men in Westmoreland County each year. We truly appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

We could not do this work without you, and are truly heartened by your support and dedication. On Thanksgiving Day and every day of the year, thank you.

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