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How We Can Create Thriving Workplaces

What are the values of your workplace? How do you know? Are they formally communicated, or demonstrated through what is given attention and praise? Is your workplace somewhere you feel safe, valued, respected and heard? Or are there currents of oppression and unspoken rules about who is more valuable? Who is responsible for creating that organizational culture? If you are an employer, how do the employees feel? How does the community view your company?

A company’s culture plays a huge role on overall workplace morale, employee retention, and even profitability. More importantly, every employee has the right to work in a job free from harassment — and Blackburn Center can help employers with trainings designed to achieve that goal.

The #MeToo movement has had an impact on workplaces — including inspiring employers to improve their training programs. It is encouraging to know that some companies are taking further steps to prevent sexual harassment. But simply avoiding liability by discussing illegal behaviors is not enough. We believe in preventing sexual harassment — not just avoiding liability. Blackburn Center offers a comprehensive harassment prevention training. Designed by the the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, our training follows recommendations of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Our training, “Creating Safe and Thriving Workplaces: A Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Harassment,” does not focus on only avoiding behaviors that define harassment. Instead, it seeks to create a cultural shift in the workplace that makes employees feel safe, respected and equal. By focusing on building a thriving workplace culture, rather than listing do’s and don’ts, companies can create a lasting impact and change how people feel in their jobs. They can empower employees to take ownership of their work environment to create a space in which they can do and be well. This type of training can have a ripple effect on performance, retention, morale, and the company’s community reputation.

What would this training look like for your company?

Our process starts with a consultation between a Blackburn Center trainer and your company’s leadership/human resources staff. We will review your current sexual harassment policies based on an EEOC checklist, help you conduct a climate survey, and examine the risk factors that can foster an environment that encourages harassment. The training includes a separate management team session on leadership and response, and an interactive all-staff session. It is vital that the leadership staff in the organization is visible and vocal about this training being a priority to demonstrate that safety, respect, and equality are company values. The all-staff session includes bystander intervention training, which is a method that coworkers can use to interrupt and prevent offensive behaviors. If employees feel empowered and confident in their ability to affect change in their environment, then everyone can contribute to creating a safe and supportive organizational climate. All staff members can play a role in creating a culture that says: only respectful and supportive beliefs and behaviors are welcome here.

We offer sexual harassment trainings to businesses, community groups, and other organizations. Our goal is to build a safe, healthy and thriving community free of all types of violence -- including sexual harassment. To learn more about how you can bring this training to your company or organization, contact Jodie or 724-837-9540 ext. 137.

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