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Take Action to Support Women Across the World

Throughout the world, women face extreme levels of violence, including sexual assault, domestic abuse and human trafficking. At Blackburn Center, we understand that many immigrants and refugees seek to leave their countries of origin to escape gender-based violence. That is why we are joining the National Task Force to End Sexual & Domestic Violence in calling on Congress to rescind the Executive Order that would deny victims of violence a refuge here in the United States.

Barring refugees and people with visas from entering our country based solely on their country of origin will undoubtedly leave many attempting to flee gender-based violence without protection. Violence against women is at epidemic levels in some of the countries impacted by the Executive Order, from forced child marriages to female genital mutilation and assault. The Executive Order regarding immigration will block women and children from seeking help as they try to escape violence — including rape, trafficking and domestic violence — in their home countries.

If we are serious about ending violence against women, then we must make a strong commitment to supporting women and children who need our help as they flee gender-based violence. While we understand the need for national security, we strongly believe that those fleeing from sexual and domestic violence should find support and protection. Please join us in asking your legislators to repeal the Executive Order that bans or limits immigration from Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan. Contact your legislators to express your opinion, and let them know that you want to protect women and children who are fleeing domestic and sexual violence by permitting them to seek refuge in the United States.

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