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Drumroll, please...

The numbers for our 2017 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event are in! This year, despite the cold and rainy weather, we had over 1,100 walkers — plus at least a dozen dogs and even a pet skunk in a stroller! This number rivals those of previous years, when we had temperatures in the 60’s and sunny, cloudless skies — demonstrating the commitment of our walkers (and their pets) to this amazing event. Rain or shine, you show up, and we appreciate you for doing so.

This year, we had an amazing show of support from teams across Westmoreland County. Two teams in particular stood out in 2017:

Garden City United Methodist Church raised the most money for Blackburn Center, above and beyond team registration; and

General Carbide Corporation had the biggest team, with a total of 79 walkers!

We thank all of the teams that participated in our Walk, including the many community, family, religious, school and business groups that continue to support us year after year. You are a huge part of our success!

This year, our Fearless Advocacy for Male Engagement (FAME) group was featured on the main stage, where walkers could learn more about their role in ending gender-based violence in our community, sign up to join FAME and spin a prize wheel.

This event is truly a team effort. We were lucky to have the support of dozens of volunteers who helped to make the Walk happen — setting up and taking down the event, checking in walkers, passing out flyers, making signs, handing out shoes and t-shirts and more. We also are grateful to our 2017 sponsors whose generous contributions allow us to host this event and to continue our work throughout the year. And of course, we are endlessly thankful to all 1,125 walkers who made our Walk an incredible success — despite the weather! This Walk is about the community committing to action to end gender-based violence – and we see that commitment grow each year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Of course, the opportunity to take action and give back to your community doesn’t have to end with the Walk. You can donate to, or volunteer for Blackburn Center throughout the year. You can also schedule a free training program for your school, workplace or organization. Finally, you can take what you learned at the Walk and put it into practice — bringing the pledge points to life in your own way so that you can be part of the movement to end gender-based violence right here in Westmoreland County.

We would also like to give a special thank you to Bob Gonze at Blue Sky Sign Company for providing all of our amazing walk signs, banners and more at a great rate.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for event pictures from the fabulous team at Skysight Photography, and be sure to tag yourself and your friends in team pictures and shots of the Walk itself.

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