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The Countdown Is On!

It’s that time of year again: stores are stocking their shelves with pencils, crayons and notebooks, and kids everywhere are trying to squeeze the last drops of fun out of the summer. Yep, it’s back to school time, and here in Westmoreland County, students have just a few weeks left until they head back to class.

At Blackburn Center, we look forward to the school year, as it brings an opportunity to reach thousands of children with our educational programs. We strongly believe that by equipping kids with age-appropriate knowledge, we can empower them — and help end the cycle of violence. Our educational programs cover a range of topics, from personal safety to anti-bullying messages to healthy relationships to what students can do if they have been a victim of violence or abuse.

These programs are offered free of charge to all schools in Westmoreland County. Each year, we reach thousands of students in participating schools, both private and public. We offer programs for children as young as preschool (with topics such as “Words Are Not for Hurting” and “Hands Are Not for Hitting”) all the way through high school. Parents, educators and community educators can review our education booklet and the program materials that we present to elementary, middle and high school students by visiting our School Programs page.

Parents can also access these materials through our For Parents page. They can be a great way to open up a conversation about these subjects with your kids, whether your child has attended one of our programs or not. They can also be used by home educators.

Education is vital to reducing sexual assault and dating violence among teens and young adults. That’s why we are committed to our educational programs — and to offering our materials to parents, educators and community members, as well. By educating the next generation, we can work together to stop the violence.

Talking to kids about personal safety, healthy relationships and sexual and domestic violence is critically important. We are here to help! If your school, organization or community group would like to schedule a free educational program, please contact us today. Together, we can make this the best (and safest) school year yet!

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