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End of Year Giving? We Have Some Ideas…

It’s hard to believe, but the end of 2018 is upon us. Whether the year was one of your best ever or one that you are ready to leave behind, this time of year is often one for reflection. It is a perfect time to think about all of the things that you did over the past year — and what you hope to accomplish in 2019.

For many people, the last week of the year is also an opportunity to maximize their charitable giving. It is the last chance to make donations that can not only be taken as deductions on your upcoming tax returns — but can go to support an organization that is doing great work in the community.

At Blackburn Center, we offer a number of ways to give back and support our mission of advocating for the rights of all individuals to live free from domestic and sexual violence and other forms of violence. We accomplish this goal by eliminating the root causes of this violence and providing for the well-being and safety of survivors/victims — and we can’t do it without your help.

Financial donations allow us to provide critical services to women, children and men whose lives have been impacted by violence or crime. Cash contributions are especially appreciated; they allow us to apply the funds where we most need them. Our range of services to victims of violence include our 24 hour hotline (1-888-832-2272 or 724-836-1122), our emergency shelter for victims of intimate partner violence, legal advocacy, counseling, medical accompaniment, and more. We also offer a number of community services, such as training, educational programs, and primary prevention work. Your donation can be earmarked towards a specific type of work, such as victim services, or be put towards our general fund, where it will be used wherever it is needed most. You can also make a donation in memory or in honor of someone, or contact us to discuss options for including Blackburn Center in an estate plan.

We also maintain a list of items needed for clients, which is updated on a monthly basis. Many of the items on our list can be purchased through our Amazon wishlist, and shipped directly to our office. All of the products that are listed on our needs list support clients and help to keep our shelter running smoothly, such as food, cleaning products, and paper towels. They also help to ensure that our shelter residents — many of whom come to us after leaving their homes on short notice — have what they need for daily living. Pajamas, hair brushes, diapers, and more can all help the transition for our shelter residents. We truly appreciate the generosity of donors who help to provide items for our shelter program and our clients!

At Blackburn Center, we know that our volunteers, donors, board members, and supporters all have a choice about where to donate their hard-earned money. We thank each and every one of you for the myriad ways that you have chosen to lift up our mission in 2018, and look forward to continuing our work together in 2019 and beyond!

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