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It’s National Back-to-School Month…During a Pandemic. Here’s How We Can Help.

August is National Back-to-School Month. In normal, pre-COVID times, parents throughout the country would be purchasing new pencils, first day of school outfits, backpacks, and more. Yet this month, in the midst of a global pandemic, many families are preparing for a different type of back to school. Whether your district is doing in-person learning full-time, all virtual learning, or a hybrid of the two, we are here for you.

Since the coronavirus began to spread in our region, our education team has worked diligently to make our programming available to all. To start, we have developed a series of videos based on our popular Empathy series, which we had previously offered as part of a program at local libraries and the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. The videos are available on our YouTube channel as well as on our website.

We have also released a number of videos on personal safety that you can watch with your kids. We currently have a parents’ guide as well as videos designed for grades 1 and 2 and grades 3 and 4. These are also available on our YouTube channel as well as on our website. Be sure to watch our page for more videos!

For schools, we are now offering the option to present our traditional lessons in-person or virtually through cyber learning programs. We have also created video lessons for the classroom. These programs include:

Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Personal Safety

  • The Way I Feel

  • Words Are Not for Hurting

  • We Can Get Along


  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying and Bystanders

First Grade

  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying and Name-Calling

Second Grade

  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying/Accepting Differences

Third Grade

  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying/Empathy

  • Internet Safety

Early Elementary

  • Elementary Gender Diversity Lesson

  • Elementary Racial Diversity Lesson

Fourth Grade

  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Internet Safety/Netiquette

Fifth Grade

  • Personal Safety

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Internet Safety (5th/6th)

  • Family Violence Program (5th/6th)

Sixth Grade

  • Personal Safety

  • Harassment/Safe Schools

  • Internet Safety (6th/7th)

  • Flirting or Hurting? (6th/7th)

Seventh Grade

  • Bullying/How to Handle Anger

Eighth Grade

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Respectful Relationships

  • Controlling Relationships

  • Internet Safety (7th/8th)

  • Sexting for Middle School

Senior High School

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Assault

  • Dating Violence

  • Sexting

  • Child Abuse for Child Care Classes

  • Human Trafficking

Middle and Senior High School

  • Media Literacy 1

  • Media Literacy 2

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Relational Aggression

  • Personal Boundaries

Our 2020-2021 Educational Program brochure has more complete information about options for the upcoming school year, and is available here. You can schedule an educational program for your school at 724-837-9540, x 114, or by emailing us (

We know that the coming weeks and months will be difficult for everyone — including parents. Although we have changed work schedules and locations to allow for social distancing, we are still here for you. Reach out to us anytime at 1-888-832-2272 to speak to a trained crisis counselor.


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